Friday, July 8, 2011

Our First Ever Blog Post

Sooo… Chad and I decided to start a blog.  And by that I mean, I decided to start a blog about Chad and I.  He will probably never, in any way, contribute to it (or read it) but I’ll pretend like he will and perhaps force him (in a very loving way) to add a few comments every once in a while along the way.  There’s also a strong possibility that I’ll just make them up.  (Okay, okay, in all fairness, I could probably get him to at least read it…)

I first thought about starting a blog when I was planning the wedding because there was just so much going on in every aspect of my very, very busy life that I thought everyone would probably be, like, blown away and incredibly interested to hear about.  Hence the reason I did not start one.  I already had no time and it’s not like the sun and moon were going to get together and start hanging out an extra hour here and there so I could write stuff down.  I decided that instead of doing it then, I would start one right after the wedding and write about being all happy and newlywed and la-te-da.  Well, it turns out that marrying the man of your dreams does not suddenly cause your life to become carefree and devoid of responsibility.  

I got even busier AFTER the wedding.  There is a routine you have to fall into.  You have to get used to living in a different place, and doing all your own shopping, and cleaning the whole house by yourself (which is, technically, what I’m supposed to be doing right now…), and doing all your own laundry and then doing the towels again cause apparently towels can never just. stay. clean. (oh, the folding!!! curses!!!), and deal with two very different work schedules, and make meals, like, 5 times a week!! What?!  5 times a week?!  (“No, honey put down the frying pan! That’s a good girl, and the knife… that’s right… I think we better eat out tonight…”).  It’s pretty insane being married.  I think for the first few weeks the most common phrase you’d hear in our house was, “I don’t wanna be a grown-up anymore.”

But of course we love being married and grown-up and there are very fun and good things about them both, and now, at long last (like, 2 and ¾ whole months later), things are starting to fall into a nice workable schedule, and we are finding ourselves with more time on our hands again! :) So, obviously now was the perfect time to finally start that blog!

So, anyway, I think that this blog is going to be, like, really super interesting and entertaining and awesome.  We’re (I’m) going to share our vastly amusing life stories, and stuff that we like, and things that we do, and stuff that we just think you should know in general.  There’s going to be action, adventure, comedy, drama, lots of the words ‘lol’ and ‘like’ and parentheses, and plenty of run-on sentences.  I do feel a little obligated to warn you that over the course of this blog’s existence you should probably expect to be neglected, subjected to my amazingly horrendous grammatical abilities, aware of what tangents are, and able to read sarcasm.  So, in conclusion, if you are okay with all of those things, I think you all should follow our blog.  There is a little ‘followers’ category over there to the right, and unless someone took pity on me since I wrote this, it’s just me in there… alone… following my own blog.  So, I could really use some company.  Just click on that little follow button.

Hmm... I don’t really know how long is long enough for blogs.  I feel like this one might be a little on the longer side of what some blogs are probably expected to be.  Probably should have tacked on “accepting of long-windedness” back in that last paragraph with the other warnings.  So, I’ll just wrap this up now… however awkwardly… bye.


  1. Hey! I am your first follower!! yay!! :)
    And I loved reading your crazy is so you!!! LOL

  2. And since MOM beat me to it, I'm your second follower! :) I agree, this blog is so YOU and that means that it's AWESOME. Hehe.....Can't wait to read of your life happenings and random thoughts. :) Welcome to the blogging world.

  3. welcome to the blogosphere! I'm excited to keep up w/ you guys on here. I think that you should give the first five followers a prize! (the previous comment has nothing to do with the fact that I am follower #5........ :)


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