Saturday, November 3, 2012

Vinyl Projects With My Silhouette Cameo

Since I got my Silhouette Cameo a few months ago, I've been making a ton of things with it, but so far my favorite projects are the ones I've made with vinyl!  I love to design them in the silhouette software and personalize them with quotes and shapes, and I love how they look on my walls!!  I've been dying to get some decor and personal stuff up in our house to make it look like we actually live here!  We have been so focused on our yard project that we haven't had a ton of time to work on stuff INSIDE our house! However, this winter, that is going to change!  My goal is to get everything more "cozy" in here and less like a barren wasteland. (It's not really that bad).  But, Chad really really REALLY hates putting holes in his nice, solid, gorgeously painted, perfect walls. Cue tangent:

We rent out a townhouse we own to the sweetest, cheeriest grandma in the world, but you cannot see the walls in her house.  Literally, I have no idea what color they are.  Because you cannot see them.  She collects cats and has sooooo so many hanging on her walls. (not live ones.  She has two of those, but she doesn't hang them on her walls.)  Cat figurines, cat plaques, quotes about cats.  Even her fridge is completely covered in cat magnets.  Not only cats, though. She has a collection of plates hanging all around, she has a ton of pictures of her family, and a million other things, too - doilies, dolls - the list goes on and on...  When you walk into her house it's like walking into one of those restaurants where they nail old stuff up on the walls.  Anyway, we hope one day she'll buy this place from us, because if she decides to move out we are going to pretty much have to spackle every vertical surface in that house in order to cover up all the holes.  So, needless to say, my husband wants to keep the holes we put in our walls to a minimum.

That is why vinyl is a perfect option for us in many of the spaces of our home.  It's really cheap to make yourself, it's so customizable, looks great on the wall, and when you're tired of it, you just pull it off - no damage!  So I'll definitely be hanging some pictures and maybe a few other pretty things, but vinyl is my favorite option right now!  I have two designs up so far.  The first one I did is right inside our front door.  This area is really tight and it would be hard for me to put much of anything else here that would stick very far off the wall.  I may eventually put a thin shelf above it with hooks, but that's about all that could fit here!

The most recent thing I put up was this saying (which I saw on pinterest and loved, except they used the word "not" which I changed to "never" because I thought that sounded better).  This is above the closet in our master bedroom.

I also love that vinyl can go many other places than just walls.  It sticks great to many different surfaces, especially smooth, hard ones like glass or metal.  The second project I did with the vinyl (which started out a little more frustrating that I was hoping) was making glass laundry containers with vinyl labels for my laundry supplies.

I got the jars at Wal-Mart and Target.  The biggest two (2-Gallon and 1-Gallon) were from Wal-Mart, but Target has the smaller size (1/2-Gallon) and sells them in packages of two, so getting those was easy and pretty cheap.  The 2-Gallon was $10.00, the 1-Gallon was $7.45, and the two 1/2-Gallon were $13.00.  And the vinyl I used to make them is $7.99 at Hobby Lobby, but you can use a 40% off coupon on it making it $4.80.  My Cameo was in serious need of a blade replacement and I ended up messing up much more vinyl than I would have actually needed (this is the frustration part I mentioned earlier).  I Probably would have only used about a quarter of the vinyl that comes in the package if I hadn't messed up.  And I have a roll of contact paper that I used as transfer paper.  I don't remember what this cost, but it's not very much and I don't need much of it at all for each project.  I expect to have it for quite some time before I run out - like years!  I really love how these jars turned out, and I'm super glad to get all the cardboard boxes the detergents came in off my dryer and out of my way!  My laundry situation isn't perfect, but these jars make me smile now when I walk into the room!

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