Saturday, August 24, 2013

My 20 Favorite Free Handwriting Fonts

I'm in the "in-between" stage of all the Back-To-School excitement: beyond the age of school/college myself, and no kids yet that I get send off into that crazy jungle that is our educational system.  However, I've been seeing and hearing all kinds of things that indicate it's the back-to-school time of year.  And even though I'm not using them for school, I've definitely taken advantage of a few of the back-to-school deals at staples for some office supplies for myself!

In honor of this glorious time of year (which I say in sarcasm because I pretty much hated school - not the act of learning so much as the institutionalization of it), I decided to put together a list of some amazing handwriting fonts!  Who doesn't love a good handwriting font??  I use them for all sorts of projects: card-making, signage, scrapbooking, and many other crafting projects around my house!  I really like to make lists of my favorite fonts because I have literally thousands of them on my computer and unless I can remember their names (and of course there are way too many that I like to remember all of them), I often spend way too much time searching through the alphabetized list to find the perfect one for a project.  I thought I'd share some of my preferred handwriting fonts on my website, so that they'd be easy for you to find, too! And maybe you'll discover some new favorites to download - perfect for school-time or any occasion!  And best yet, they are all FREE, so go crazy!

And yes, school taught me well… I'm including my references! ;)  Here's where you can get these awesome fonts:

17. KG Call Me Maybe - Skinny
18. Always forever
19. BD Paris
20. Dead Hardy

Here are a few print-out projects that I've made using some of these fonts! :)

 This is a quote that I love from JK Rowling.  I used Dead Hardy and eight fifteen fonts.

This 2 Timothy 1:7 verse uses KG Call Me Maybe - Skinny and Haiku's Script v.08.

 For the proverbs 31:25 verse, I used Calligriffiti and Dead Hardy again.

Check out some of my favorite Script fonts HERE!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY Wine (& Soda) Bottle Decor

I've been saving our wine bottles (and some of our glass soda bottles, too) for a while now, thinking in the back of my mind that I know I'll come up with some creative way to use them.  There are so many ideas on Pinterest that have caught my eye over the years, that I had no doubt I'd think of something.  I had a little free time this week, so I decided to take on a project!  It turned out to be so easy and simple, I probably barely spent an hour on the whole project (not including spray-paint drying time), and I think it turned out really successful especially for this being my first time spray-painting anything or working with wine bottles!

I had already taken the time to pull the labels off of these and use a goo-gone-like product to get rid of all the sticky residue, so all that I had to do was take them outside and spray paint them!  This is the paint I used (I already had this at home too, from a trip earlier this year to Hobby Lobby):

So then I let them sit outside about an hour to dry as recommended (I don't think it was even quite that long because it started sprinkling... oops!). And then I just took some jute twine that I had laying around and started wrapping it around the bottles.  This took a bit of finagling/playing-with to get it the way I wanted it.  I also played with some pretty ribbon layered on top of the jute, but I ended up liking the simplicity of the twine by itself.  I didn't hot glue the jute down because I didn't know for sure if that's how I wanted to keep it or not, so I just tucked the ends neatly under the wrapped twine and you can't even tell the difference... not sure this method would hold up to lots of handling, but just sitting on my counter, it's perfectly secure! I may hot glue them eventually if I don't decide to change up the twine a bit on a whim! :)  I just filled them with some of the pretty dried roses that I've saved over the years from my amazing hubby, but they look super cute all on their own, too!

I'm not sure exactly where I want these to go. I really like the colors in my kitchen, and being repurposed wine & soda bottles, I thought that placement was appropriate... although I think it will also look really cute in my basement or bedroom!  This tray is where they ended up for now, but they might find a new home eventually.

I'm also really excited to use these this fall and especially winter... I think the coloring is going to be really good for the holidays :) yay!!