Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Top 20 Favorite Script Fonts

I threw together a compilation of my favorite script style fonts the other day because I use them on a lot of my Silhouette and crafting projects, and I wanted an easy way to remember which ones I love without having to go searching through the thousand or so that I have on my computer every time I need one. It's so addicting to add new beautiful fonts to your collection, but the downside is, the more you have, the harder it is to find the ones you love the most.  Since they are organized alphabetically on the computer, if you can't remember the name, you might be looking for a while!

I'm finding my little cheat sheet so handy, that I thought I'd put it up on my blog along with links to download these FREE fonts! If you're like me, you'll go download a few to add to your monster collection now, knowing that one day, one of these fonts will be The Perfect One for some or another project you're working on! And if you really want you can pin the pretty picture so that you can remember what they were later! :)

Free Script Style Fonts With Download Links:

1. KG Eyes Wide Open  {Download HERE}  
2. Lavenderia  {Download HERE}
3. Janda As Long As You Love Me  {Download HERE}
4. Janda Stylish Script  {Download HERE}
5. odstemplik  {Download HERE}
6. Janda Celebration Script  {Download HERE}
7. Euphoria Script  {Download HERE}
8. Freebooter Script  {Download HERE}
9. KG All Things New  {Download HERE}
10. konstytucyja  {Download HERE}
11. Champagne  {Download HERE}
12. Janda Cheerful Script  {Download HERE}
13. Sverige Script Demo  {Download HERE}
14. Parisienne  {Download HERE}
15. Great Vibes  {Download HERE}
16. Sail  {Download HERE}
17. Contribute  {Download HERE}
18. Janda Elegant Handwriting  {Download HERE}
19. Reliant (Limited Free Version)  {Download HERE}
20. Exmouth  {Download HERE}

Just in case you've never downloaded a font before and you want to put one of these on your computer, you just need to click on the link of the font you want and once it loads the website, click the 'download' button.  A box will pop up, select the 'open' option and click 'okay'.  A folder will open, probably with a few objects in it.  You want the one that ends in either .ttf or .oft.  If both file types are in there, just pick one, it doesn't really matter which.  Double click on that and it will open the font.  At the top toward the left there is an 'install' button.  Click that and it should tell you your font is being installed.  If this doesn't work, or if you have a mac, you can click here for different instructions or do a Google search for downloading and installing fonts on your specific computer system.

I think that the font style of something can really make or break a project and sometimes I spend hours (yeah, seriously) trying to find the perfect font.  I'm a perfectionist.  But it's always worth it when I create something new that I love.  Here are a few of the projects where I've used some of the fonts listed above (you probably have seen some of them before!!)

"Welcome To Our Nest" Vinyl Decal using Janda Stylish Script (because look how whimsical is it!):

"For Better or Worse" Vinyl Decal using Janda As Long As You Love Me for the script-style part:

Birthday Card for my Hubby using the fonts Janda Celebration Script and KG Eyes Wide Open:

My Laundry Room Jars using a slightly modified version of odstemplik (I had to buff it up a little on the thin sections so that the vinyl would cut without tearing):

Hope you find a new font you love!

Also, check out my favorite handwriting fonts HERE!