Thursday, August 13, 2015

Evelyn: Two Months Old

My heart is bursting with love and excitement for little Evie.  This month, it's like I've been able to see her brain working and growing and learning.  We've had another "fly-by monthing" over here... another month gone in the blink of an eye!  Here's what happened this month:

*Evie is such a little thinker.  She has, what I've dubbed, the the cutest little "frown of discernment", when she's looking at things.  It's almost as if it's a puzzle that she's thinking about so hard and trying to work out.  She is learning new things everyday and picking up on objects around her more and more.  It's so cute to watch her entertain herself with the looking at the same object over and over... she will frown at it for a bit, then smile at it and even laugh a little.  Makes my heart melt.

*She is now really enjoying her play gym that Aunt Tanya gave her.  Her favorite part is the little mirror that reflects her image back to her.  She smiles and smiles at herself and makes herself laugh. She is sort of reaching for the hanging toys and enjoys watching them swing back and forth.  On her 2 month anniversary exactly, she grabbed a hanging toy on her play gym and hung onto it for a minute.  It was so cute! 

*She doesn't really love tummy time, but she usually will tolerate it for a few minutes before she starts crying.  So we've been doing tummy time mostly on momma's chest.

*She's now sleeping from about 10pm (sometimes still a little later) until usually at least 4:30am and then falls back to sleep again until later in the morning. A lot of times though, especially in the last week or so, she has been sleeping from 10-11pm until 7:30-8am... I am super impressed with her sleeping skills! Asher has taken over the changing table portion of the pack n play (which is fine because we never use it anyway)...

*She still suffers from reflux but it's gotten a lot better overall.  We had a really bad day about half way through the month and momma just couldn't soothe her.  We found out that evening, that Evie loves to hear the vacuum cleaner running and it calms her down almost instantly.  So momma dragged the vacuum cleaner into the nursery, sat down with Evie in the glider and rocked her to sleep to the sweet sweet sounds of the same spot on the carpet being cleaned for 45 minutes.  (#thingsyouneverexpecttouseyourvacuumfor).  We have now had the vacuum sitting in the nursery for 2 weeks straight and we utilize it's magical properties often.

*Momma and Evie took their first official trip out alone together at the beginning of the month.  We'd driven to see daddy at work before, but never ventured into any stores by ourselves til then.  It went well and we've since been out quite a bit together! We also took Evie to a sit down restaurant for the first time ever and she did amazing!

*Evie is enjoying her baths much better now.  She smiles and seems to enjoy the warm water flowing over her.

*She got her first set of shots (besides what was given to her in the hospital) on her 2 month anniversary and screamed the whole time.  She was happy again soon afterward, but started to become very fussy later in the day. I don't blame her.  I can't handle it either.  You can see her little bandaids on both legs in the picture below...

I'm getting this month posted super late, so only a bit over a week til Evie turns three months old!! I love it!!  Hopefully I'll get that one posted in the proper time! :) haha!  Here's a few random moments of Evie captured during her second month of life:

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