Thursday, July 2, 2015

Evelyn: One Month Old

And just like that my little itty-bitty baby is 1 month old... (actually 6 weeks now, since I never got around to posting this at the one-month mark!)  The time passed so quickly!  Maybe one day I'll have a chance to post about Evie's birth... eventually.  For now, here's what Evie is up to this month.

*She's been holding her head up pretty much from day one, pushing herself off your chest when you hold her up.  Now, however, she's gotten even stronger and she holds her head up for minutes at a time.  She is gaining a lot of control of her neck, also, and is able to turn her head (a bit wobbly) from side to side to look at things.

*In week 3 she began track objects with her eyes.  She won't follow everything I put in front of her face, but the things that interest her she will watch and watch.

*People (faces) make her very happy.  She loves having company and seeing new faces.  She gets very smiley (and makes all sorts of faces) when people are around, giving her attention.

*"Row, Row, Row Your Boat" is her favorite song so far (accompanied by momma making her arms move in little circle rowing motions) and it usually produces smiles from Evie. 

*We had her first real bath this month, after her cord fell off, and she hated it.  With a fiery passion I had not yet seen from her. I felt horrible the whole time and was so worried that I was seriously traumatizing her.  I can only hope her next bath goes better...

*She doesn't enjoy having her diaper or outfit changed.  She rarely doesn't cry when we have to do these, and I dread it!  I wish she liked playing dress up a little more, but right now we're making diaper changes as fast as possible and keeping outfit changes to the bare minimum to avoid the tears.

*She's a very quite crier.  Very rarely does she give us a big scream.  Mostly, her face gets all red and she opens her mouth but no sound comes out.  It's like she's holding her breath.

*She's a very loud breather.  She snores.  We bought a baby breathing monitor for her before she was born and so far, we haven't even remotely needed it.  She sleeps in our room and she snores so loud we have no problem whatsoever knowing that she's still breathing.  She also makes a lot of squeaks and gasping sounds when she breathes, awake or asleep.  Our doctor told us, "babies are supposed to sound like Darth Vader," so we haven't been worrying too much, but she has another appointment at the end of the week and I'm going to bring up her breathing to him again.

*She's only in the 5th percentile (if even that) for weight and height, so I'm hoping we can get a little more meat on her bones in the next few weeks.  She likes to eat, but she's kind of not the best at it so far.  Plus she had reflux pretty badly, and her stomach would get so upset after eating, and she'd spit up a lot.  We are working with her on that and she's getting a lot better now! yay!

*She looks just like her daddy.  But we have noticed that her hair has gotten a little lighter and there is a hint of red in it when she's in the sun, like her momma! And she has just a smidgeon of her momma's webbed toes!

*She's a lot more alert now during the day than when she first came home, especially in the afternoons. And no matter what time I feed her, she always wants fed or just held right over dinner time for Chad and I.  So I have gotten very good at eating one handed.

*She has slept (mostly) through the night since she was born.  We are super blessed.  She falls asleep after a fairly long night routine, usually around 11pm.  Sometimes she wakes up between 2-3am for a night feed, but often she sleeps right through until 4:30-5:30am.  Then after that feed, she usually goes back to sleep until 7-9am.  I was concerned at first if I should wake her up every few hours to feed, but all the nurses at the hospital and now her pediatrician say that at night we should always let her sleep if she's sleeping.

I'd say that's most of the big things we've noticed so far!  It's so interesting and fun to watch her change!  These little ones learn things so incredibly fast.  Chad and I love her to pieces, but we are also looking forward to when she's a little older and she can really interact with us more!

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  1. So glad she's healthy and happy (except for the diaper/clothes changing thing). :) Much love to all of you!


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