Friday, April 3, 2015

34 Weeks Update

How Far Along?  34 weeks, 1 Day.  It's been 6 weeks since I last updated this, and I only have 6 weeks til my due date!  That time flew by, so I know that this last little bit is going to go fast! :)
Baby Size:  5ish lbs, and about 18-19 inches long.  Kinda the size of a cantaloupe.
Gender:  Girl!

Movement? Yes.  It's so interesting to feel her move.  I almost always feel it in two places at once - up on top of my ribs, and way down at the bottom of my pelvis.  We had an ultrasound at 31 weeks and the tech said that she was pretty stretched out in there.  Also, I found out that one of the movements I've been feeling for a while is actually hiccups!  How cute is that??
Weight Gain:  Ugh. Something like 32 lbs. Super depressing, because I think it's mostly not from the baby.  It's mostly from the chocolate.  (But hey, I lost 30 pounds before, and I can do it again!)
Maternity Clothes?:  Yep, I just got a few more cute t-shirts for spring, and a really cute nursing cover-up :)
Stretch Marks?  I suppose that's what they are. I have old scars on the sides of my hips from jeans that I used to wear in high school, and they have gotten seriously dark.  And I have a definite stretch mark on my left thigh! HAHA! I think it's so strange that's where one turned up, but I ALWAYS sit with my legs underneath me... I tried to stop, but I just can't.  It's the only way I'm comfortable.  So I guess the marks are because of the way I bend my leg. LOL!
Cravings:  Nothing really.  Actually my appetite hasn't been amazing recently, and I've been feeling just slightly nauseous again sometimes (but apparently it hasn't hindered my ability to gain weight! Ha!)
Aversions:  Just carrots.  Man, let me tell you, ick!  It kinda sucks, cause I used to really like them.  But now it's like instant nausea.  blah!
Symptoms: My ribs/abs area "burn" and feel bruised because this baby kicks them all the time.  /  I started having some horrible pain a few weeks ago in my hip/lower-back/butt which the doctor said is either sciatica or pelvic girdle pain.  It hurt pretty much constantly, but sometimes it would get really super bad and I could barely walk.  The other week at Target, for example, it suddenly started acting up and I was forced to waddle my way out of the store, hand on my back.  A young mom with a little boy in tow gave me a very sympathetic smile and it gave me courage.  Fortunately, this has really almost gone away recently. I'm so grateful, and I really hope it doesn't resurface again before this little one comes! / heartbuuuuurrnnnnn. /  I've been dizzy on and off.

Sleep:  No, not really. :(  (Notice the dark circles and bags under my eyes in the picture up top?? lol)
What I Miss: Opening doors without them hitting my protruding stomach... I keep forgetting how big it's gotten.  /  Being able to zip up my coats and jackets, or wrap towels the whole way around me. /  Sleeping on my stomach.  /  Sleeping at all.
Favorite Moments So Far:  My baby shower was about 2 weeks ago, and that was so nice! My mom and sister (with the help of some dear friends) did an amazing job of making everything so cute and pretty!  So grateful for the lovely ladies that came out and for all their sweet gifts for Baby Girl.  Pictures to come... / BABYMOON!  We finally managed to take ourselves away for a long weekend at the end of March.  We headed to Lancaster and did lots of exploring and eating! Yum!  Pictures to come of that as well!  /  We had our 3D/4D ultrasound done at 31 weeks and we were able to see Baby's cute little face (once she finally started cooperating).  She loves to lay toward my back so that it's really hard to get a clear picture of her face, but when daddy started talking to her, she rolled right over to get closer to his voice.  It was so cute.  Also she did a lot of these little cute grins, often right after I laughed, like she knows I'm happy and it makes her happy.  And on the normal 2D ultrasound, the tech showed us the hair that Baby Frey had grown as of 31 weeks! So adorable!  Look at that cute little nose in the first picture!! awwwwwww! Melts my heart.

Least Favorite Moments So Far:  Just the discomfort of being pregnant.  And the exhaustion.  But really now that all the "tests" and such are done, there hasn't been anything too awful.
Looking Forward To: Meeting this little girl.  I almost can barely stand it!  I'm a bit terrified of the whole process of getting her out (of course!) but I just cannot wait to see her face and hold her in my arms! :) It's not much of a secret that pregnancy hasn't been my favorite experience ever, but it's been so worth it to get to the end product! I'm hoping this next month and a half goes pretty quickly and that maybe she'll be as anxious to meet us as we are to meet her! (Meaning, maybe she'll decide to come a little early! haha!!)

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