Monday, February 23, 2015

Third Trimester!

Week 28 of my pregnancy is underway and that means that I am officially in my third trimester!  I am thrilled about this because it means we are moving right along... and also a little anxious because I feel like there are still quite a few things that we need to get done before this little one comes! (yes, my cat is playing with a q-tip in the background)...

How Far Along?  28 weeks, 4 days!  Less than 12 weeks to go!
Baby Size:  About 2.5 lbs and almost 16 inches long head to toes or roughly the size of a big ole' eggplant! :)
Gender:  Baby Frey is a GIRL!! We had a little gender reveal get-together to let our family in on the secret!  I only managed to grab a few pictures of the set-up in all the hype :)

Movement?  All the time now!  Last time I updated this (which was almost 2 months ago) I was really wishing I could feel more movement!  Now I sometimes find myself begging this little girl to calm down in there!  She almost always hangs out up by my ribs and it honestly feels like she's prying them apart.  My mom says I kicked her horribly in the womb so perhaps this is payback...
Weight Gain:  Ugh.. about 20 lbs.  Ick.  Need to work on slowing that down. ...buuut that's probably not gonna happen at this point. realistically.
Maternity Clothes?:  Yep.  No more normal pants for me.  Even most of t-shirts are getting too tight now :(.  I still fit in a few pairs of my stretchy pajamas, though, and I've taken to wearing Chad's sweatpants around the house.
Stretch Marks?  Still none yet! Love the tummy butter I've been using.  It smells amazing!
Cravings:  Hmmm... nothing serious.  I can always eat McDonald's breakfast though... or a Big Mac and fries. Mmmm. ...and now I'm hungry.
Aversions:  Still avoiding carrots, but not much else.
Symptoms:  Burning, aching ribs pretty much all the time. (My doctor assures me that this will only get worse) /  Aching back.  I can't ever get in a comfortable position anymore.  /  Still stuffy and congested all the time /  heartburn, heartburn, and more heartburn.

Sleep:  It's not so great.  Weirdest of weird dreams.  I wake up a lot.  I need to hire a professional pusher-upper to help me maneuver out of bed.  I feel like a turtle stuck on its back.  My Snoogle body pillow has been a life saver, though... although there is a lot less room in our bed now. hahaha!
What I Miss:  Just feeling like "myself".  I miss not having to share my body with a tiny human being.  LOL.  That sounds kinda crazy and maybe a little selfish, but it's true.  I already love this little girl to death and I value feeling her move from the inside.  I know its the only time I'll get that experience with her... but I think I will be glad to go back to being "just me". Eating and drinking what I want and moving without waddling.  Hugging Chad without feel like I've get a big round ball wedged between us.  I will cherish carrying baby girl on the inside long as God deems fit, but I dream longingly of the days when I will carry her in my arms instead.
Favorite Moments So Far:  Revealing the gender and no longer having to say "the baby" instead of "she".  And also showing off the nursery! I loved finally letting everyone explore her room!  Hopefully I'll have time to take some good pictures and put them on here!
Least Favorite Moments So Far:  The 1-hour blood glucose screening that they force you to take to make sure you don't have gestational diabetes.  It actually went surprisingly well considering that a year ago, the thought of having blood work done reduced me to tears and panic attacks.  I've come a long way and I was able to down that drink, wait an hour, and get the lab work done like... well not really like a champ.  But not kicking and screaming either.  :)  I call that a win!  And once it was done and I found out I passed, I breathed a massive sigh of relief that I didn't have to do the 3-hour test!
Looking Forward To:  We're planning on doing a 4D ultrasound at the same place that we had our gender reveal ultrasound done, hopefully around 30 weeks.  It's coming up fast, though, so I need to get that scheduled to make sure we can get in!  I can't wait to see more "realistic" pictures of what she looks like in there!  Also, I'm really looking forward to a babymoon of some kind.  We had planned on taking one weeks ago already, but it just never happened.  I am determined though, that at some point before baby comes, we will go away by ourselves and relax for a few days.  :)

So that pretty much rounds up the last few months for us. I can't believe how fast this has all been going!  It's crazy to think that in less than 3 months, she'll be here!!  Ahh! We can't wait!

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