Sunday, November 30, 2014


Surprise!!  We're baking up a 'Small Frey'.  That's right, we're pregnant!! 16 and 1/2 weeks to be exact! I'm due May 14, 2015! :) Here's our pregnancy story (the short version):

Friday, September 5th, 2014.  Nothing special about it.  It was just my normal long day of cleaning and working.  Chad would be home in an hour or so, and it was time to switch gears.  Shower then dinner.  Get out my towel.  Think about my monthly schedule yet again.  It's almost Day 40.  Longest wait ever.  Took a "just in case" test 1 week before.  It was spectacularly negative.  Of course.  Wasn't really expecting anything else.  Maybe I should just take one more test though... just to be sure.  So I pee on a stick.  Set it down... right beside the trash can, because obviously, that's where it's about to end up as soon as it shows up negative again.  Turn on the shower water and let it warm up for a minute.  Glance down at the test.

Two pink lines.  Two.  Pink.  Lines.  Grab test off counter and stare at the result, with jaw on the floor.  Obviously, must be wrong.  Reread test.  Start shaking uncontrollably.  Step into shower.  Possibly do normal shower procedure??  I have no recollection now of what happened in there.  Mostly because as the hot water ran over me, the whole room started getting darker and darker and darker.  I remember realizing I was about to pass out.  (Unfortunately, this happens to me quite often when I have medical things done.)  I realize I really need to get out of the shower. Step out, blindly; everything is dark.  Grab towel.  Wrap haphazardly around me.  Walk out to bedroom.  Lay down on floor.  Put legs up onto the bed to elevate them.  Apparently I had the clarity of mind to remember that you should elevate your legs if about to faint.  Lay there half-conscious for who knows how long.  Carpet is soaked.

Still shaking, but the room is starting to get brighter again.  Feeling better, I stand, find my phone, and manage to select my husband's number.  He answers, and voice shaking I ask, are you coming home soon?  He knows something's wrong.  But this isn't the first time I've called him upset.  Yes, he tells me.  He needs to run some work errands after he leaves the office in a few minutes, but he can come home first and then go back out.  Great, I tell him.  I need him to come home.

I find a picture of us at our wedding, and with a white chalk marker, I draw a little baby belly over my image.  And above Chad's I write 'daddy'.  At the bottom I add 'We're growing! I'm pregnant!'. I set up my camera to record.  Chad gets home and I ask him to come sit down on our bed.  He does, confusedly.  He wants to know what's wrong.  I hand him the picture and the pregnancy test.  He stares at it for a moment... and then he looks up at me, joy and shock on his face and says "You're PREGNANT?!".  Lots of hugging and smiling commence.

Then I took two more pregnancy tests just to be sure.  Definitely pregnant.

For the first week or two after we found out, we were pretty much in a state of disbelief.  Of course I was happy, but I was also: terrified, nervous, completely unsure if I could handle being pregnant for 9 months, excited, very overwhelmed, "oh gosh, what if I hate motherhood?!!?", back to ecstatic again, and overall just plain confused.  There was so much emotion in those first weeks that it all ran together in one big overloaded feeling-fest.  Haha!

But things have evened out since then and I'm glad to say, I am simply feeling 'ready' now.  I'm feeling so excited to be a mom!  I feel very content knowing that everything happened in God's perfect timing. I believe God knew I was ready even if I didn't know myself! And I'm confident now that I can do this and that I will love it!

So far, I'm not one of those happy, glowing women, who tells everyone how much they love being pregnant.  I was nauseous ALL THE TIME (horribly so in the evening and overnight), and I did my fair share of hanging over the toilet... pretty much until just last week.  I am just FINALLY starting to feel back to the 'normal' me again, and I'm only occasionally getting nauseous now.  The food aversions were so bad that I pretty much only ate cereal for weeks on end.  I am breaking out constantly. I've got acne like a teenager again... ick!  I can't get comfortable anymore, no matter how I sit or lay, and I toss and turn all night long.  I tell Chad probably every day, I'm so ready to hold this baby in my arms and get it out of my belly... and I'm well aware that I'm just in my 16th week and I've got more than half way to go.

But I'm also excited beyond words.  I'm really starting to show now (more now than just a "oh, she looks like she's been having a little little too much to eat") and it's feeling more real and more special all the time!  Chad & I are thrilled to see where this pregnancy journey takes us, and what our 'Small Frey' turns out like!  Please pray for us as we make our way haphazardly into parenthood!  :)  And stay tuned to our blog... we'll be sure to post more updates as the pregnancy progresses!

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