Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DIY Spring Door Wreath

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I love winter, and it's always a little bittersweet to say goodbye.  This winter stuck around for a particularly long time, and while many people feel like it has worn out its welcome and are glad to see it go, I feel like I'm sending off a good friend for a long vacation.  But I'm also thrilled for the warmth and light of spring to starting to show itself again.  I am not a fan of the intense heat and humidity of summer, but spring (for the usually short time it lasts) is perfect and lovely.  Everything turns from pale and brown to bright and green.

To celebrate the flowers, finally peaking their heads out of their beds (these hellebores are very late this year...), I made a wreath for my front door inspired by a few ideas that I'd seen on Pinterest.  It was a really simple DIY project that took a minimal amount of time and cost very little.  And it's perfect for all these "April Showers" we've been having so far this month.  For the most part, I love rainy days... they remind me of my VERY rainy April wedding day! :)

I used a cute umbrella that I found at Target for less than $20.  The best part is, I didn't do anything to it... it's still just an umbrella!  So in a month or so when spring has left us, I can still use it.  As an umbrella! :)

Here are a few other white umbrellas from Amazon that would make this project absolutely gorgeous!  Click the images below for product information.

I looked at faux flowers from Hobby Lobby & Michaels when they were on 50% off sales, and I was very close to buying different stems at each place, but I kept changing my mind about what I wanted.  The wreath that I originally saw on Pinterest used the quintessential spring flower, Tulips.  I loved it and thought it was gorgeous, but I just couldn't get the color and the shape of the tulips to look right in my arrangement.  I finally looked at some hydrangeas, which is a flower I actually like a lot more than tulips anyway, and I loved the striking color of the blue petals with the crisp white umbrella.  But these were a little pricey for my taste, even 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  This was supposed to be a cheap and easy project that I didn't need to worry about "weathering" from being outside for a few months.

Finally, by accident really, I saw some pretty hydrangea stems at Wal-mart, that were definitely much cheaper (in look and price) than the ones at Hobby Lobby, and I still really liked the color and was glad I didn't have to worry about really nice flowers getting potentially ruined from being outside.

All that this project required was flipping my umbrella upside down and arranging the hydrangeas in it.  I added a little length of transparent & white-rimmed ribbon that I had left over from Christmas to tie a little bow on the front, and that was that!  I really like it and it looks really cute hanging on my front door, welcoming in these rainy April days!

Happy Spring to you!!


  1. Super cute! What a fun idea. :) Good job!

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