Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Evelyn: Five Months Old

So Evie has been in her fifth month of life for a few weeks now (she actually just about to the 6 month mark) and I haven't updated the blog about that yet (talk about me being behind)!  She is still as adorable as ever, learning new things all the time.

She's still wearing 3 month clothes... silly little girl. Grow, grow, grow! I command you!  (She is actually growing). Those 3 month outfits (especially the ones I have washed a lot) ARE starting to get a little wee bit snug now! And I think soon after she turns 6 months old, the 6 month clothes shouldn't be too far away!

(By the way, do you love that pillow she's leaning against in that photo up there?  Ahh, me too!! We spotted that at Target and it followed us home.)

This month, Evie has been steadily become a better sitter, she's been as happy as a clam, her hair has gotten crazier everyday, and she's reverted to sticking her tongue out a lot. So she's pretty much the coolest baby ever. Since I'm so late in posting this, I'll just let some pictures of Evie's fifth month do most of the talking!  Enjoy!

Still smiling in her sleep.

Loving her play gym, still.

There's that hair I was talking about!

We had a little Sunday morning photo shoot:

Broke out the carrier so we could go on a little adventure:

Cheesing in her seat:

And we loved cuddles this month.

Bath time has become a very fun thing.

We took our first little family get-away to the beach with my parents and Uncle Brandon & Aunt Tanya:

Making faces:

Above, we're working on reaching the floor with our feet so we can actually bounce.  Below, chewing on "Evie" a gift from Uncle Brandon.

Tummy time:

We experienced our first "blackout" with no power and lots of fun, flickering candles!

And, last but not least, cuddles with dada... Evie loves to fall asleep on daddy :) It's so sweet.


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