Monday, October 5, 2015

Evelyn: Four Months Old

Evelyn turned four months old a few weeks ago!  So much has been going on with her, changing and growing!

Evie is getting really good at sitting (with assistance).  Other than a random week where she kept slouching to one side, she's been doing an awesome job at sitting up straight!  She's had her floor seat almost a month now and she loves to be able to sit up by herself and look all around. I love it too because it lets me get more done around the house.

Evie took her first road trip this month, which unfortunately, was very stressful for her.  This last month, she was very wary of new people and places.  She cries inconsolably when she starts to get overwhelmed from it and then the only thing we can do is put her in her car seat (which feels very safe and familiar to her) and rock her or take her for a walk to calm her down.  Poor thing.  Towards the end of the month, we did start to see some improvement with her, and it seems like she's starting to tolerate people-who-aren't-mama-or-daddy much better.  Here are a few pictures from a short break on the road:

Evie also found her feet this month and spends a lot of time touching her toes! She kicks a lot now (of course, when mama is changing her) and loves to have her legs moved all around.

Just before hitting the 4 month mark, she also started to try to put things in her mouth.  She's liked to hold onto things for a while now, but this is the first that she's sucked on them.  Of course, the very first thing she showed interest in chewing on was mama's cell phone.  The picture below is her gripping my phone and trying to bring it to her mouth.... We ended up with a selfie instead :)

I feel like a lot is happening very quickly with Evie.  It's so fun to watch her light up as she suddenly understands that she can make a toy jingle by kicking it, or see her huge smile when mama or dada walks into the room.  I love how she's growing and changing everyday.  Much love to this little cutie.


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