Sunday, November 24, 2013

Apothecary Jar Winter Snow Scenes

Christmas decorating is now in full swing at the Frey home! Chad & I put up our tree on Thursday, a week BEFORE Thanksgiving, and I hung my garlands on the stair banister, along with some Christmas lights!  (not quite done with that, though, because I discovered that one of my light strands isn't working, and I need to go buy some more!).  And my wreaths are up.  I finally threw away the very dead mums on my front porch... There are still some pumpkins out there though, because Chad said, "Well, it still isn't Thanksgiving yet for another week...", so I had mercy on those and they can stay a little longer.  But for the most part, Fall decorations are coming down, and Winter is taking over.
And last night, we had the first snow flurries of the season, so everything, indoors & out, is really starting to feel like winter now!  I get very excited about all this, if you can't tell! :)

Yesterday, I also took a few minutes to change out the Apothecary jars I have sitting on my bathtub in our master bathroom.  I normally have these filled with bath bombs, sponges & other bath tools, soap flowers, and yes, Epsom salt!  I saw several months ago, on pinterest, some really cool projects that used Epsom salt to look like snow!  I thought this was such a cool idea, because it really is so sparkly and white, just like freshly fallen snow.  And I've definitely seen some apothecary "snow globe" decor ideas this year.  So I thought, I've already got Epson salt in this apothecary jar, why not add some trees and make it a pretty winter scene?? 


This was the simplest project ever.  I love the simplicity and calmness of the look.  Now there's just a little added feeling of serene winter in our bathroom!

All I needed for this project was Epsom salt, which was already in one of these Apothecary jars.  I just emptied the other two and spread the Epson salt out between all of them.  And I grabbed a few more of the bottle brush trees that I recently purchased at Lowe's, and to finish the project, I just arranged them in the "snow".  You can see my other Christmas in a Bottle Project that I made with them HERE.  And that is it!  Done. Simplest way to "winterize" a bathroom ever! ;)  They definitely bring a smile to my face every time I walk in there!

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