Sunday, July 22, 2012

DIY Lavender Sugar Hand Scrub

Chad and I have both been so busy that it feels almost like we are stealing little moments of time away from Other-Things-We-Really-Should-Be-Doing-Right-Now to work on Things-We-Would-Really-Love-To-Get-Done-Around-The-House! But don't get us wrong, we love to be busy!  It's a great feeling to have purpose and goals! :) 

I spent the better part of Friday in the kitchen working on some yummy treats for a work picnic that we had today (Saturday).  In fact, I wasn't finished washing up the kitchen until about 10:00pm.  Then this morning Chad had a haircut at 8:00am and then work from 9:00-12:00am, and then he and I grabbed lunch at Trickling Springs right across from work, and headed to Lowes.  We were there about an hour and a half (which sounds like a really long time to be at Lowes!!) but it took us that long to find everything we needed!  (Chad was in Heaven! haha!) We got home around 3:00pm, put away the things we just bought, and stole just a few minutes to get a some things together for the outdoor projects we've been working on!  Then we grabbed all the goodies I made yesterday and headed over to Chad's parents house for our picnic!  That was a blast! :)  We had great food, fun conversations, lots of bubble-blowing, and fun fourwheel-riding!  We even had a little time tonight to come home and work a little outside again until about 10:00pm!  Tomorrow, Chad and I also have another gathering at his parent's house with his dad's side of the family! So tomorrow will be another full, busy day! :)

Anyway, I wanted to steal a few more minutes to write a quick post about the very quick DIY project I worked on this morning while Chad was at work!  It only took me about 45 minutes, and really it could take as little as 10 minutes if I didn't get all fancy! ;)  I saw this Gardener's Hand Scrub on Pinterest not so very long ago and wondered to myself if it really did do anything to make your hands any softer than just normal soap would.  I constantly have my hands in water, covered in dirt, greased up with oils from the kitchen, or dried out from dust in the warehouse at work, and they are not, almost ever, in anywhere remotely close to "good" condition.  So I thought this Scrub sounded like a great easy way to get clean soft hands, should it actually work, and I figured it would be so fast and easy it was worth the effort!  I'm so glad I tried it! I thought it turned out super cute and I definitely think my hands felt softer even after the first use!  I liked it so much I even made Chad try it as soon as he got home from work!  He even told me that he really liked it, and that his hands felt nicer, and that "it actually smells really nice".  Hahaha!

So here's my final product:

(For all you Spelling Police - I do realized I spelled "Lavendar" wrong :(... oh well. This should not come as a surprise to you... Hahaha!) 

The original "recipe" is only 2 ingredients and doesn't give any real measurements because this largely depends on what container you're putting it into and what consistency you like your scrub to be.  I'm not entirely sure what size my container is (because it was a recycled pickle jar and I'm terrible with estimating sizes), but I think it may be about a pint.  For this size and for a consistency just a little on the thicker side I used:

*about 1 & 3/4 cup white sugar (You can also use brown sugar!)
*1/3 cup dawn Hand Renewal Soap (The original recipe was with the pink pomegranate color/fragrance but I found the lavender one much more appealing, so that's what I bought!)

*about 1 tsp. Vitamin E Oil (This wasn't in the original recipe but it's so good for moisturizing and I already had it on hand for making homemade chapstick.)

I just stirred this all together until it was mixed well and transferred it to my jar!

At this point I could have been done!  I, however, decided that it needed to be prettier! Of course...  So I dressed it up a little, starting with the lid!  It had the original price of the pickles that used to be in it written on the top, so I used scrapbook paper to cover that up and to add some cuteness! I forgot to take a picture of how I did this, but I used the method found here.  It was really easy and fairly quick! All I needed was a single 8 &1/2 x 11 inch piece of pretty scrap paper, Mod Podge, and and sponge brush!

For the label, I simply found a printable one online in the shape I liked, and printed it out in two sizes: a large one and a smaller one that would fit inside the larger one.  I cut these both out and traced the larger one on the same scrapbook paper that I used for the lid, and the smaller one on a piece of white cardstock.  I then cut both these out as well, and on the white one I wrote the name I decided for this concoction: "Lavender Sugar Hand Scrub" and drew a little dashed-line border, and then I stuck both of these into my hand dandy sticker maker that I love love love!! love love love love. really love it. love.

And then all there was to do was to stick the white name label onto the center of the larger scrapbook label and then stick that one onto the jar!  And, of course, I tied a little piece of lace under the mouth of the jar to finish the look!

Needless to say, I'm very excited about how easy this was and how nice it feels on my hands! And it's a really fun and fast DIY project that you can squeeze in, even in the middle of a very busy weekend!  In fact, I think it's taking me more time to write about how I did it than it actually took to do it! hahaha! :)  I love it! I foresee this becoming a future homemade Christmas gift! It would even make a really sweet party favor in cute little mini-jars!! :)  I think I need to have a party! ;)

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