Monday, August 22, 2011

A Weekend Getaway

Chad and I had been talking about going on a little get-away for a while now (well, mostly I’d been making vague comments about how I love taking vacations, and how I always had a nice vacation every summer to look forward to, and how everyone’s always updating their facebook statuses about being away on vacations) so Chad came home last Friday and announced that we were going away.  I love that man. :) We decided to head to the Poconos for the rest of the weekend.  On Saturday we went to Bushkill Falls (“the Niagara of Pennsylvania”!!) and walked some of the trails there.  That is a really beautiful place. 

The only downside was that a few of the trails were closed off because someone died while we were there.  We didn’t find that out until we got home, though.  We saw a bunch of emergency personnel while we were there, and Chad did some research after we got back to see if he could find out why.  So, that is really sad.  Definitely a reminder to spend every second we can with the ones we love. 

Almost immediately after we were done and back in the car it started to pour down rain.  And then it rained and rained and rained.  It rained all through a very good dinner at Olive Garden.  And it rained when we crossed the parking lot and went to Borders.  And then it rained when we drove back to the hotel.  And luckily there was an indoor pool for us to take a late-night dip in, because it was pouring down rain then, too.  And then it continued to rain all night long.  It did slow down to a nice drizzle for us to load up our car to leave on Sunday morning.  But then as soon as we were off, it launched itself back into all-out pouring again.  It rained when we stopped at a mall on the way home.  And when we ate lunch at Outback it was still raining.  And then we had to brave the rain at Wegman’s (which, holy crap, is most ginormous grocery store I have ever been in for reals!!) to see if they had any Jones soda (which they did, so we got 5 packs to stock up).  And when we stopped in at Cabela’s it was raining particularly hard.  And then we came out of Cabela’s and it was NOT RAINING!!!  (What!!)  So we were able to make a quick stop at a place called Interiors, which (obviously enough) sells décor for homes, without getting completely drenched for once!!  Then about 45 minutes later we were back home, and probably about 45 minutes after that it starting raining again.  Yep.  And then it rained for another 2 days.  So apparently it was following us. Hahaha!  I’m going to take it as a good sign.  It absolutely poured down rain on our wedding day, after all. :)

We’ve been spending a lot of time with family this week, too, which I love doing.  We had the normal dinners on Tuesday and Wednesday with each of our parents and then Saturday we went out to eat with Chad’s parents and then went back to their house and watched Inception.  And then Sunday Tanya came with us to Church and then Chris and Jessie had a cook-out-ish gathering for the rest of the day!  That was really fun and yummy!  We played a game that Chad and I got while we were away over the weekend called Loaded Questions.  We got it for a pretty good deal at Borders.  That was hilarious.  Very fun!  Also, I got to see their newish dog again, Pyro, and make him do some neat tricks.  He is the most well-behaved dog in the world, and he will do almost anything you tell him! Oh my gosh. I want one. :D

Okay.  Must resist urge to keep typing.  There is work to be done!  More towels to wash.

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  1. This post was lonely so I decided it needed a comment. :) Love that you guys could get away the other weekend! Thanks for coming to see us Sunday. So much fun! Pyro loves his Aunt Elana btw. ;)


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